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Chocolate tea cakes

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Adjust Servings:
300g Chocolate Can use a mixture or just milk or just dark
Biscuit base
60g Plain flour
30g Unsalted butter Softened
30g Caster sugar
1 Egg yolk Medium
¼ tsp Vanilla extract
½ tbsp Double cream
Marshmallow filling
3 Egg whites Medium
100g Caster sugar
1 tbsp Golden syrup
½ tbsp Vanilla extract

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Chocolate tea cakes

A marshmallowy treat covered in chocolate

A shiny chocolate top with a oozy marshmallow underneath and a crunchy biscuit to finish off the the delicious taste.


  • Biscuit base

  • Marshmallow filling



A super sweet chocolate mouthful of yumminess, this tea cake has a crumbly biscuit base, a smooth soft pillowy marshmallow, covered in a thin layer of chocolate. Definitely one to try if you have the silicone moulds.




Break up 200g of chocolate and melt it. Leave to cool and firm up slightly.


To make the biscuits combine the flour, salt, baking powder and sugar in a mixing bowl. Add the butter and bend in using your hands until it resembles fine crumbs. Then add the egg, vanilla extract and cream and work the mixture with your hands until it comes together to make a smooth ball of dough.


Roll the dough out on a flavoured worktop to about 0.5cm tick, and then use a 5 – 5.5c, circular cutter to cut out 8 discs.


Place on a baking tray and place in the oven, bake the biscuits for 10 -15 minutes at 150c until they are firm. Place on a wire rack to cool.


Add one tablespoon of the melted chocolate to each dome in the mould, spreading with the back of the spoon to completely coat each dome. The chocolate needs to be of a thickness strong enough to hold its shape but not too thick that you cannot bite through, leave to set.


Dip the cooled biscuits in the remaining chocolate to cover them completely. Place them on a sheet of baking paper and leave to set.


Put all the ingredients which are listed to make marshmallow into a large heat proof mixing bowl and place over a pan of simmering water. Using an electric mixer, whisk the ingredients until you have a bowl of thick, stiff mixture. Remove the marshmallow from the heat and leave to cool.


Once set remove the chocolate domes from the mould by gently peeling away the silicone dome from each teacake.


To smooth out any uneven edges, use boiling water to warm a metal pallet knife and slowly melt around the edge of each teacake.

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Hannah Jackson

These tea cakes were really delicious and i was surprised at the shine of the chocolate once they had come out the moulds because the silicon mould made them look like i had used tempered chocolate. The marshmallow was so silky and light but there are a few things a would tweak for next time.

I feel that next time i should make double the recipe of the biscuit mixture so i am able to roll the dough out and cut them out so the biscuits are flatter and more even so they fit the moulds better. I feel that without doing this the biscuits are to thick and it just makes it the wrong balance

I also feel that i had over 3 times more marshmallow so instead of wasting it i made a simple chocolate swiss roll mix and had the marshmallow as the filling.

Grissini sticks ( Bread )
Seeded overnight no – knead loaf
Grissini sticks ( Bread )
Seeded overnight no – knead loaf

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